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Hello & welcome to Gypsy sisters! We are 2 best friends who love nature & what it can give us from the garden. Few years back we started to experiment first cooking at a farm kitchen together. Then we decided to see what we could create for safe SCENTsational body creams and products. We were both from Cape Cod MA but I now reside in SC where the growing season is longer. Susan went on the run a fantastic health store , gaining knowledge of all things that work in the body by sustaining it with natural supplements . I, Sandy, went to Massage therapy school & got knowledge of the skin and body systems. Together we have become the 2 kitchen apothecary fiends that just love bringing you the best offerings we ourselves use. Friends & family always ask us for our stuff so here we are... 2 besties dancing as gypsies down the path to bringing you natural sustainable goodies! We hope you enjoy em as much as we do!

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